Gun Control, Real Solutions

I wrote this article back in early 2018 and am republishing today.  What's your proposed legislation that will end mass shootings, once and for all. Despite a number of state and federal gun control laws already on the books, the mass shootings continue. Honesty, I don't have any agenda, one way or the other.  My [...]

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Florida’s Death Penalty

I'm not an advocate of the death penalty.  I  believe that the death penalty is not a deterrent to violent crime. Many of the people on death row share a common denominator, mental illness at some level, coupled with substance abuse.  I cannot condone executing mentally ill people, despite the heinous nature of their crimes. [...]

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Protecting Our Children From Abuse

I am sickened by ever constant reports in the media of children being sexually abused. This is all too commonplace, reprehensible and unforgivable. We can’t be with our children 24-7, but there’s a few simple things you can do, just a nickle's worth of free advice from 30 years experience in criminal prosecution and defense, [...]

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Solutions for the Immigration Crisis

The problem is not an undocumented immigrant taking an American job or the criminal alien that is hiding behind the bush, waiting to kill you and your family. That is fear mongering, political rhetoric and pandering for your vote and political support.  The real issue is money.  Follow the dollar bills. There are literally multibillions, in [...]

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Donald Trump’s Wall

Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposes that Mexico construct a wall, along the entire border, at solely Mexico's expense. But how?  Mr. Trump proposes a change in federal banking regulation(s), which will prohibit illegal aliens from wiring money ("envios") from the United States to Mexico. Without the influx of hundreds of millions of US dollars, via [...]

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Cuban Cigars

You must always secure your Cuban cigars while the vehicle is in motion.  It's the law.  Attorney Tulin 813-717-9400

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Humble and Delicate Blessings

I was in Polk County court with client on a minor traffic misdemeanor (migrant worker, no valid driver's license). Because she had priors for the same offense, they wanted her to go to jail for 15 days. I was able to negotiate down it to community service on weekends. Despite it all, in a humble [...]

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Know Your Rights – Right to Remain Silent

What to Do When Arrested, Your Right to Remain Silent: The Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution guarantees each individual, certain fundamental rights. One of the most important fundamental rights is Your Right Against Self Incrimination or Your Right to Remain Silent. This is something you should carefully guard and nt take for [...]

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Refugees from Central America

Can you imagine your 15-year-old daughter coming from Guatemala, all the way through Mexico then crossing the US border. Use your imagination how these young women are victimized and suffer. It must be getting worse, because I get a number of these cases in my office each month.  This must stop.   #AttorneyTulin #AbogadoTulin 813-717-9400

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Uber for the Kids

Give your kids the name and password for your Uber app. Tell them that they can use it whenever they need it, no questions asked. Alternatively, give them my card, so they know who to call for their first DUI.#AttorneyTulin