Protecting Our Children From Abuse

I am sickened by ever constant reports in the media of children being sexually abused. This is all too commonplace, reprehensible and unforgivable. We can’t be with our children 24-7, but there’s a few simple things you can do, just a nickle's worth of free advice from 30 years experience in criminal prosecution and defense, [...]

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Check your auto insurance for "uninsured motorist coverage" (UM). If you are in an accident, suffer bodily injury and the at fault driver has no insurance or insurance without "bodily injury" coverage, your ability to recover any compensation is highly unlikely. I would not even get in a car without having UM coverage. There are [...]

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Uber for the Kids

Give your kids the name and password for your Uber app. Tell them that they can use it whenever they need it, no questions asked. Alternatively, give them my card, so they know who to call for their first DUI.#AttorneyTulin