Are you here illegally? Don’t let them tell you that you can just be summarily “deported” and sent back to your country. You have rights under the laws of the United States. An illegal alien placed into removal proceedings may apply for the following forms of relief:

(1) Voluntary Departure under § 240B(a);

(2) Voluntary Departure under § 240B(b);

(3) Adjustment of Status; (3) Cancellation of Removal for non-permanent resident aliens (former “Suspension of Deportation”) under § 240A(b);

(4) Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Resident aliens (former “§ 212(c) Relief”) under § 240A(a);

(5) Political Asylum under § 208;

(6) Withholding of Removal under § 241(b)(3);

(7) Deferral of Removal (Convention Against Torture);

(8) Termination.

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